This is Where We Live

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![Annestown Beach]( "Annestown Beach")
This beach, Annestown Beach, is about 5 minutes down the road from Kathleen's office, right below the little town of Annestown. The pics below are all taken in the same general area.
[ ![ireland1591.jpg](](
This is the slogan of the DFBA communities, it hangs on the wall in their business incubator.
[ ![ireland1594.jpg](](
Our wheels
[ ![ireland1598.jpg](](
Harney's Pub in Dunhill, about 1 mile down the road from Kathleen's office
[ ![ireland1599.jpg](](
Dunhill Castle - DFBA is in the process of setting up a park here
[ ![ireland1600.jpg](](
[ ![ireland1601.jpg](](
[ ![ireland1602.jpg](](
A typical local road
[ ![ireland1607.jpg](](
Annestown Beach
[ ![ireland1608.jpg](](
[ ![ireland1609.jpg](](
[ ![ireland1610.jpg](](
[ ![ireland1611.jpg](](
[ ![ireland1612.jpg](](
[ ![ireland1615.jpg](](
[ ![ireland1616.jpg](](
The first house we had a chance at renting - alas, no high-speed internet
[ ![ireland1617.jpg](](
This could have been our view
[ ![ireland1619.jpg](](
The Enterprise Park, home to Kathleen's office

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