More on Last Weekend

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Okay, so a bit about our first full weekend in Ireland.

Friday night we headed down the hill to Cunningham’s Fish & Chips stand for Kathleen’s favorite takeout in Tramore. We collected our dinner (a burger and chips for me) and walked down to the beach and had a lovely dinner next to the ferris wheel at the Tramore Amusement Park (now closed for the season). You can see from the pics that it was a pretty blustery evening, but even so we enjoyed a nice walk on the beach after dinner. Tramore is a seaside resort famous for the beautiful 3-mile long beach.

Saturday we headed into Waterford to do some shopping for all the things we either forgot or couldn’t fit in our luggage. Sorry, no pics, somebody (ahem) forgot to bring the camera - yes, it was me. Our shopping expedition turned into pretty much an all-day affair because it required stops at a number of different stores - no superstores here. We did return to Tramore in time to take a walk in the evening on Saturday. You can see the pics of Holy Cross Church below. This church, built in 1856, is just a few blocks from our house. It sits on a hill overlooking Tramore and pretty much dominates the landscape of the town.

Sunday we headed down the Coast Road to Dungarvan (tourism site), the county seat of County Waterford, about 40 kilometers (24 miles) from here. You can see from the pics that the Coast Road is really a stunning trip. In Dungarvan we visited an antique sale and a used book sale, as well as King John’s Castle. Having scored a few books for the shelf, our house is starting to feel like home!

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