Oneida Nation Social Media Day

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Today I’m in Green Bay, Wisconsin speaking with folks from the Oneida Nation about social media analytics. You can find the resources for my talk here.

links for 2010-12-15

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[Unemployed Philosophers Guild Home]( An awesome collection of quirky merchandise. Christmas gift ideas abound. (tags: [gift]( [ is an On-line Press Release and World News Distribution Center]( A good listing of sites where you can post your press releases to get them distributed online. (tags: [press]( [PHP Code Snippets]( A broad collection of PHP snippets. (tags: [PHP]( [code]( [tech](

links for 2010-11-29

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Collabtive - Open Source collaboration An open-source project workspace similar to Basecamp. (tags: project)

links for 2010-11-23

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Drupal Release Management with Drush and Git | OPC IT Really nicely executed setup for updating Drupal setups using GIT. (tags: GIT drupal tech)

links for 2010-11-14

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PPT Salon: We Design Beautiful Presentations Need some help designing your presentation? You could offshore it. For $99, this service will design your presentation. (tags: ppt presentation tech)

links for 2010-11-04

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Headway Premium WordPress Theme A nicely configurable pre-made Wordpress theme. (tags: themes wordpress)

links for 2010-10-25

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Awesome Fontstacks A really handy tool that helps you to design font packages for a web site. Makes recommendations so you end up with fonts that work well together, then generates the CSS code for you. (tags: tech css)

links for 2010-10-21

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Exceptional Light Projection INCREDIBLE video showcasing the 600-year history of the astrological clock tower in Old Town Square in Prague - projected onto the clock tower itself. (tags: video)

links for 2010-10-11

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Free Cheat Sheets for Developers | Refcardz A nice collection of reference cards on various topics of interest to developers. Very handy. (tags: tech)

links for 2010-10-04

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Teambox - Collaboration Software Twitter crossed with project management software. Open source, looks pretty interesting. (tags: tech)