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Well it’s been a week now. The words President-elect Barack Obama are becoming easier for pundits around the world to spit out. Our conversations and thoughts now turn (I hope) to our goals for the future.

Last Tuesday I spent a good chunk of the day knocking on doors for the Obama campaign, encouraging people to get out and vote. I had donated to the campaign, and was happy to spend at least a little time volunteering for such a good cause. I didn’t talk to anyone that rushed out to vote thanks to my encouragement, though some Menomonie canvassers did. Wisconsin wasn’t exactly a battleground state, so I didn’t feel like my efforts were critical to a victory. Selfishly, the Obama campaign seemed to me a world-changing event in progress, and I wanted to be a physical part of it, if even in a small way. After canvassing, we headed home to watch the returns come in. After Senator McCain’s concession speech, and before President-elect Obama’s acceptance speech, I received an email from the campaign thanking volunteers for their efforts. Even more importantly, the email made clear that the new President-elect would be in touch to keep volunteers mobilized for change.

I believe we’ve elected the leader our country desperately needs at this time. I believe he has the potential to be a once-in-a-generation leader, on a par with John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. He has pledged to bring change. He has pledged to be a President for all citizens, to run an inclusive administration (which will be a HUGE change from our current administration). He is capable of great things, but only with help. So the question becomes, what help will you offer? We have spent 8 years being told to be afraid, being told “you’re with us, or you’re against us,” in so many ways. We have now reaped the results of that kind of thinking - it’s not working! Can we all pull together? The challenges facing us right now are huge, and they are generational challenges. Dig in and help!

The Obama transition team has set up a new web site at where they’ll share their progress. I think they’re off to a great start with a form on the site where you can submit your vision for the Obama administration. Below are some things that I submitted. Some of these are things Obama promised during his campaign. Some are things he has already said or hinted he won’t do. A couple are my hopes for future happenings that the Obama administration can’t control.

What I’d like to see from the first term of the Obama administration:

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