Is Social Media Working for Us?

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I’m in Green Bay this morning to present at the Leadership Wisconsin 2012 Conference, Rewriting the Rules. My talk is on social media analytics and tools, “Is Social Media Working for Us?“

Click Here for Customers

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I’m in Superior this morning to speak at the Click Here for Customers event set up by the UW-Superior Small Business Development Center. You can find the references and slides from this talk here.

Wisconsin Student Planning Association

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Last week I had the pleasure of presenting to the Wisconsin Student Planning Association on the use of social media and online tools for marketing yourself in the job search. You can see my presentation and links here.  

Leadership Wisconsin 2011

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I was pleased to be invited by Leadership Wisconsin to speak at their annual conference in Wisconsin Dells this week. I did two sessions on social media, one an introductory session and the other an advanced session. You can find the presentations and all the links [here](

Our New Counsel

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Major congratulations to my niece Stacy who was sworn in as a Wisconsin lawyer yesterday. This follows her admission to the Minnesota bar several months ago. Hope we don’t need your services too often Stacy!

For the gold!

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Congratulations to our friend Maryrose Lyons of Brightspark Consulting, who recently took home a gold medal at the 2010 Digital Media Awards in Ireland. Her blog is definitely worth a read. ![](

A Note for Sarah Palin

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Hey, it’s been a lotta fun. Especially gotta admire the way you lowered the bar to the level where a mentally-troubled weasel could leap over it. Thanks so much for knowing when to go. Don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out!

Fame Comes Calling, Again

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Irish Rose Consulting client Hartung Brothers, Inc. was recently feature on the National Ag Report. Congratulations!

Rebuild or Redesign?

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Hey, did you hear our economy is collapsing? Oh, what’s that, you haven’t heard anything BUT that? I figured it’s high time for a little bandwagon jumping. Everyone on the web has an opinion, so I’m not going to be left out. But I’m going to start with one stipulation. I contend, and I would hope you’d agree, that nobody really knows how the global economy works. Sure, there are lots of theories, and everyone’s got a favorite.

Nothing Gray Here

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February in Wisconsin can tend to be quite a long month. We’ve all generally reached our limit in putting up with the cold weather. Things are usually at their grayest as we see some thawing and lose our snow cover. And winter usually works up a snow storm or extra-hard cold snap to remind us that she’s not quite done. Well this February has had all of that. And as our first real winter weather in two years, it’s been a hard go.